What happens when the perfect man invites you to the perfect venue with him? That is what I found out when I enjoyed the best date ever with the man of my dreams.

I had been dating Mr. Gorgeous for weeks when things started to get a little more serious. No longer were kisses something that we saved for the end of our dates, kissing was now something that we did throughout the night. We held hands as much as we could, and we hugged frequently. We had talked about all of our likes and dislikes and found that we were very similar and that we could definitely make things work in the long run. We were excited for all that was to come.

The night of my favorite date ever, the best date there could be, Mr. Gorgeous took me to an elegant Italian restaurant. Sitting at a beautiful table with a candle flickering in front of me, I couldn't think of a single place where I would rather be. I enjoyed a meal of pasta and garlic bread, all of the food amazing. Then, we decided to dance.

Mr. Gorgeous and I danced for what felt like hours, just enjoying each other's company. When the evening was through and the restaurant was closing down we made our way out to the car and he got the door for me - in the way that he always did. Before closing the door, though, with me seated in the passenger seat, he dropped to one knee. Then, in a beautiful close to an amazing night, he asked me to be his bride.